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Una mirada práctica teñida de neurociencia
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This book is a reflection of the work carried out by a group of education professionals, framed in the context of the Master of neuropsicopedagogy of the University of Girona, with great deal of excitement and enthusiasm, and aware of the challenges the every day in classrooms for educators seek to provide some light to the darkness that often is seen in the current educational landscape, to propose a new dyed look of neuroscience, new educational challenges they face.n nThat is why the book that the reader has in his hands includes first chapters that refer to how we learn, considering both cognitive, and emotional and communicative, fundamental in any learning process. In addition, through practical examples, we try to convey new methodological proposals aimed at stimulating those cognitive processes that are the basis of all learning, without losing sight of the emotional aspect that is so important to help all those students, which whatever reason, learn differently and show some difficulties in the process. We also aim to address issues such as whether or not the duties, challenges and opportunities that we currently incorporating into our classrooms of a large number of immigrant students, as well as how to cope from school disruptive behaviors and how these are experienced by teachers.n

Timoneda Gallart, Carme (Autor)
et al., (Autor)

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