Orientando la orientación

Timoneda Gallart, Carme
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842776 Colection:Publicacions de la Fundació Carme Vidal Xifre de Neuropiscopedagogia n° pags: 330 Idioma: spa
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This book presents an approach based on the Educational Guidance great capacity for change that shows everyone to find their own resources when they have to face a change in their lives and accompanied at all times, however, the person that guides; ie a person who, with their professionalism, helps you discover the best possible strategy in order to contribute to not only solve the problem, but also the way as painless and flatter possible.nnAlthough this book has a practical nature, in no way waives the theoretical foundation that claims dumped. Not be understood without a good professional practice and theory under the ground. Therefore, the reader can find the theoretical approach presented in the signs and references listed at the end of the book. On each page of the book, however, found the methodology, resources and procedures that are derived from this theoretical framework, deepening its practical application through examples and cases. Hopefully reading these pages is a guide for the reader practical and useful and serve to enhance their work in the field of educational guidance.n

Timoneda Gallart, Carme (Autor)

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