Políticas culturales y gestión cultural

Martinell Sempere, Alfons / López Cruz, Taína
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742437 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra UNESCO n° pags: 118 Idioma: spa
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The creation of methodologic materials and professional references has in itself the option of making our trade more efficient, through an ordered recycling of experience. The consolidation of the professional field of the manager and cultural promoter requires the configuration of conceptual references constructed from a particular logic and an interactive process with the different related disciplines from their respective fields. The present study has been conceived as a system of related concepts that arise from the necessity to order a great number of experiences in the cultural field of cultural management. It has arisen from the need to contribute a dynamic instrument for training services, investigation and documentation for the different cultural players starting from the ordered proposal of a part of the key concepts that allow a visible and comprehensible system of the complexity of the field of professionals of reference.nn

Martinell Sempere, Alfons (Autor)
López Cruz, Taína (Autor)


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