Estadística y epidemiología espacial

Saurina Canals, Carme / Sáez i Zafra, Marc
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742130 Colection:UdG Publicacions n° pags: 140 Idioma: spa

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This book intends to be a guide for all those people who want to aquire the knowledge that is provided by the techniques of space statistics for the understanding and the handling of data located geographically. It is particularly dedicated to all those people who need to apply these tools in the field of epidemiology, and when the data available are defined in a discrete number of locations, such as data observed on a countable collection of spatial regions, regularly or irregularly distributed and complemented by what is called "structure of neighbourhood", that is to say information on the adjacent regions.n

Saurina Canals, Carme (Autor)
Sáez i Zafra, Marc (Autor)

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