Nurturing affinity to nature


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The EU-funded NANOL project was created with the aim of promoting outdoor activities and contact with the nature of primary schools in protected natural areas and has had educators from different fields, mainly environmental education centres, primary schools and universities working on the initial and permanent training of teachers.

The work has been contextualized in the reality of each partner (UK, France, Slovenia, Finland and Catalonia) and their different needs have been respected. What we collect in this publication are the experiences that each partner has carried out. All of them are different, but equally interesting and complementary, since they rely on the growing trend of improving education from initiatives that encourage contact with the nearby school environment and an active and involved in real issues of the world in which we live.

Heras Colàs, Raquel (Autor)
Heras Colàs, Raquel (Editor literari)
Waite, Sue (Autor)
Morgan, Alun (Autor)
Bachero Pont, Xavier (Autor)
Candeias Pimenta, Raúl (Autor)
Corbino, Marie (Autor)
Eskelinen, Matti (Autor)
Guillaumes Vila, Maria Teresa (Autor)
Haukka, Anna (Autor)
Llover Colom, Maria (Autor)
Pilke, Elina (Autor)
Putrle, Dejan (Autor)
Ruset Font, Carme (Autor)
Salin, Maria (Autor)
Vila Coma, Joan (Autor)
Vilalta Cubí, Mireia (Autor)

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