Manual d’exercicis de Biologia Molecular i Tècniques de DNA Recombinant

Castro Gallegos, Jessica / Vilanova Brugués, Maria / Benito Mundet, Antoni
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The manual you have in your hands is a compilation of the exercises that, as teachers, we have been creating for the Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Techniques subject taught at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona. Representative exercises of the syllabus that are worked on in the theoretical part of this subject have been compiled. The main contents are the analysis of the flow of gene information (DNA and genome structure, transcription regulation, non-coding RNAs, processing of coding RNAs), and that set of techniques that allow manipulating nucleic acids (preparative techniques and nucleic acid analysis, cloning and recombinant gene expression, mutagenesis and protein engineering).
The manual is structured in nine chapters. The first three pose problems related to basic issues such as the structure and stability of nucleic acids or the points of regulation of gene expression, and the remaining six are devoted to recombinant DNA technology and other nucleic acid analysis techniques. At the end of the manual the solutions of the different exercises are noted.

Castro Gallegos, Jessica (Autor)
Vilanova Brugués, Maria (Autor)
Benito Mundet, Antoni (Autor)

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